Your Audience: The ultimate marketing asset

Many forwarders think of their website and online presence as something they need to do to match the competition, but your online audience is actually one of the most important assets that you have as a freight forwarding brand.

Asked what their ultimate marketing asset is most people will pick out the obvious ones:
It’s leveraging your employees – particularly to be active on social media
It’s your brand – they really mean your goodwill
It’s you – actually it could be you, but NOT for this blog!
It’s your customers – the closest to the truth

It’s actually your customers, prospects and leads – it’s your total audience!

SPOILER – The penultimate paragraph contains v important comments

Hopefully you think of your audience in a positive way. But be honest with yourself — are they an expense or an asset?


Many forwarders tend to think of their website and online presence as a sunk cost — something they need to do because the competition has a website, is active on social media or participates in other online marketing practices.

However, your online audience is actually one of the most important assets that you have as a freight forwarding brand.

Your “audience” is defined as anyone who is interested in what you have to offer and particularly those who are customers or have actively opted-in to learning more about your products or services. It is anyone following you on social media or who found you by web searches for your company or brand name.

You should consider your website, digital activity and your audience as an asset, not an expense.

Building and nurturing a proprietary audience (one that only you can reach) is essential for building brand authority, awareness, credibility and visibility to improve not just sales and conversion rates, but also organic search traffic and rankings.

Many forwarders think of their website and digital activity as an advertising expense, without much active benefit.

It it certainly true that building an online brand can take many years, though we have seen new web sites achieve 1K+ visitors within months,

But online marketing really should be seen as an investment, particularly as a company’s website is often the first buy brand klonopin online touch point that a potential client has with a brand, and first impressions are key.

Future emails, social media interactions, and search visits via organic and paid search beyond these first interactions are the most essential part of nurturing that initial trust.

Accordingly, the ways that you use both traditional and digital means to build your audience and nurture them shouldn’t be considered a mere cost of doing business.


Building your audience will be a challenge

Use Social Media
Increasingly, people need to trust you and connect with you before they will want to buy from you and the best way to achieve this is via social media. This will mean not only promoting your content and products, but encouraging employees and customers to be actively engaged.

Offer a ‘valuable’ Opt-In Incentive
It’s increasingly difficult to get visitors to sign up for email updates, so an opt-in incentive is very important, so consider what you can offer that’s of unparalleled value.

Become a trusted source
This will entail regularly providing content that’s unique and tailored to your audience. If your content doesn’t meet the needs of your customers or website visitors, it’s going to fall flat.

Reach out
Contribute to well-known industry sites or in your client niches will reach a brand new audience, establishing you as an expert in your field.

Opting in your audience
We are not recommending, or condoning simply observing that…………

It is simple to source the contact details of every UK importer and exporter and just as easy to pull out segments based on a selection of criteria; like location, industry type, size etc.
The legal requirements for email marketing and sending unsolicited messages are quite clear, but there are methods of minimising any risk and for many businesses with limited budgets it is still the quickest, easiest and most cost-effective way to build big audiences.


Your customers are your most valuable commercial asset, which is why it’s so important to keep nurturing and communicating with them, at the same time as you invest in strategies to grow your audience.

Building a dedicated, engaged audience takes time, but done effectively it will become your most valuable marketing investment.

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