Building trust to win new business

With shippers increasingly resistant to traditional sales, messages and approaches, sharing tips, advice, and other useful information has become an increasingly important way to build trust, engage prospects and win new business.

Instead of pitching your services, you are delivering information that makes your prospect better informed.

The essence of this strategy is the understanding that if we deliver consistent, valuable information to buyers, they will remain receptive to our messages and ultimately reward us with their business and loyalty.

Content marketing is the act of sharing tips, advice, and other value-added information as a means of converting prospects into customers and customers into loyal, repeat buyers. You can deliver content via email, news feeds, social media channels, and other methods, to become a valued resource for a target audience of customers, prospects and leads.

By being consistently respectful and useful you will build a relationship with your audience and earn their trust.

But this is no simple recipe for success. The days are long gone when website visitors would sign up for a ‘newsletter’. They are surrounded by content, which means your focus has to be on delivering relevant, valuable information that people will notice and want. When you do this, you’ll generate trust, credibility, and expert status. You’ll be a trusted expert.

Your website is the most obvious choice for your content, but using other channels, particularly the free and most-effective ones, is critical.

We all check in with social media regularly throughout the day on mobile devices and it is increasing accessible at work, so being active on social media is a necessity. But which social media channels should you focus on? The short answer is you shouldn’t dismiss any out of hand and test them all.


LinkedIn is the most business-oriented channel, but it is also the most cluttered, which is why users increasingly engage with ads and sponsored content to boost their reach. There are tools, like LinkedIn Pulse Articles and LinkedIn Groups, which can be used to enhance your presence at no cost.


With over 2 billion users, Facebook is the most popular social network, which means great content has a good chance of going viral. And while it is not the natural domain of the B2B marketer, it is a great channel to highlight the culture of a business.


Twitter has 400 million monthly active users and is the premier channel for broadcasting breaking news.

Tweeting useful content, images and videos with links to your website is a sure way to increase followers and position you as a news source. Twitter also allows you to direct message other users, which is a powerful prospecting tool that is underestimated.

You can promote tweets to get your content in front of more people. Hashtags are an effective way to draw people to your content that are also often overlooked.


With 600 million monthly active users, Instagram is the place to share visual content, with hashtags to get your content seen by more users.

Freight transport is a very visual process, so don’t close your eyes to the potential of Instagram. But there is a catch…

Every day, more than two billion posts are shared on social media, which is an insane amount of content and means that consumers are understandably selective about what they do and don’t listen to. This means that your content is likely to be overlooked in favour of content perceived as more relevant to the browser at that time.

What this means is that channels that reach millions may only actually offer you access to a small audience, initially.

The only way to ensure your content is visible to the largest audiences is to engage with media owners like Lloyds Loading List that can reach the shippers and other communities that you want to reach. Lloyds Loading List can reach an engaged community of over 500,000 cargo owners, freight forwarders, transport operators and port owners, giving you access to senior decision makers across the global freight market. In addition to broadcasting your content, they have sophisticated tools that can analyse and optimise engagement and conversion.

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