How our clients closed out the year

Feb 01, 2018 Paul Kelly News 0 comments

Our clients like us because we deliver cost-effective marketing that helps them grow their business. Check out a recent selection…………..

Implementing a range of direct marketing, advertising and publicity campaigns increase awareness and drive inbound leads which, because we’re managing their marketing, means our clients have time to convert into sales.

Check out some of our most recent successes:

  • Multi-channel campaign generating direct response from six major importers and 30 hot leads. LINK
  • Researched and delivered a hit-list of 1,500 fashion brands and named leads
  • Tracking inbound marketing activity to uncover multiple opportunities – including a major retailer known to be unhappy with current provider
  • Social and eCampaign for new Asia rail service which generated immediate new business enquiries
  • Created a database of 20,000 qualified importers – communication activity that engages, developing conversations and enquiries. (Website traffic more than doubled in just a few weeks)
  • Achieving 112,941 brand views across digital platforms in 5th month of reporting
  • Crafting a Linked In post that achieved 26,000 views

It is because we cost less, are quicker and more effective than an external agency that we can do things like deliver a direct mail, press and digital campaign for half the cost of a previously retained agency that only prepared a direct mailshot.

In short we deliver results whatever the budget.

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