Excellent customer experience wins >80%

80% of B2B buying decisions are influenced by experience, yet only 18% of B2B companies are providing excellent customer experience!

The customer experience that drives growth is delivered at every touchpoint

So why are so companies many failing and what can you do to benefit from their failure

Most forwarders don’t value customer experience, or they deliver it in an informal haphazard manner, with no one responsible for it,

It is this lack of focus that leads to the result that only 50% of their customers say they would buy more from their current vendor and just 39% would recommend them.

The fact is every time a customer contacts your business, there is an opportunity for build those positive experiences.

These “positive experience” moments are opportunities to make a good or bad impression on the customer.

It’s crucial that your people understand just how important these customer experience moments are how they link to the success of the business, as they’re the ones who will be delivering the positive customer experience.customer experience cartoon

The critical moments in the customer experience journey – the touchpoints – need to be identified and audited to identify order synthroid internet opportunities to improve.

From the initial point of contact right the way through to settling your bill and the service review process.

How quickly your telephones are answered, how courteously enquiries are dealt with, how fast  quotes are responded to and how complaints are dealt with all have a direct impact.

Obtaining customer feedback on their ‘touchpoint’ experiences will put the spotlight on the current reality and show how it should change.

The gaps between the customers experience expectation and the one delivered will indicate where actions need to be focused, reducing the ‘silo’ effect.

Audit the customer experience to:

  • Understand the experience delivered by all customer facing functions
  • Identify skills, processes, resources that need enhancing
  • Highlights areas of importance to focus activity
  • Identify areas not valued by customers (so costs can be optimised)

Your objective should be:

  • Seamless experience across the businesses
  • Optimised experience that differentiates you
  • Be better than the competition
  • Increase sales conversions
  • Encourage more enquiries
  • Increase customer loyalty
  • Drive more revenue

Mapping the customers journey is the route to your success

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