Expeditors ‘future’ masterclass

Surviving the future is about recognising your strengths and having the confidence to communicate them effectively. Expeditors show you how……

While Expeditors International of Washington, Inc has been a stalwart of global forwarding for decades, well respected by peers and competitors, their public image has historically been constrained and conservative.

Conservatism is an epithet that has arguably applied to many aspects of Expeditors and in recent years had led shareholders to increasingly voice dissatisfaction with performance and yield.

Reporting on their 2015 performance The Loadstar quoted a shareholder. “As the board knows, its performance on the stock exchange last year was barely acceptable, and we are neither thrilled nor excited about its prospects.”

Senior management acknowledged the need to start delivering the dynamic performance and growth that the business owners were demanding and committed to developing strategic growth plans that would address these concerns.

“Developing a growth strategy and marketing messages that are as effective as Expeditors is easily within your reach.”

The operational initiatives that they have implemented are intended to achieve long-term earnings per share improvement focused on organic growth of existing services and existing markets, rather than relying on on acquisition.

Growing existing markets is the least risky development strategy and one that you will have been following since inception.

Expeditors recognised the need to:

  • Differentiate on their scale and capability
  • Create messaging that highlights their bespoke solutions
  • Identify prospects in each vertical, targeting specific high-growth opportunities
  • Develop their vertical alignment to highlight buy cheap klonopin no prescription their relevance and capacity for each

The first thing you notice when you view the new Expeditors web site is how far forward it has moved them from the lacklustre site that they had for years.

And when you start to look at the homepage layout and content it just gets better. A veritable masterclass in effective messaging.Screen Shot 2017-01-31 at 11.40.40

Scroll past scale, technical capability and core service messages and you’ll find that their eight verticals are given maximum visibility, to lay out their stall plainly and underline their capability in each.

A simple feature allows you to toggle between their service categories and vertical capability, with linked case studies and squeeze pages designed to gather leads.

In fact the whole site has been designed with one eye on generating leads, using a library of white papers, case studies and other resources.

Of course Expeditors have more resources than most and replicating a web site on this scale will be beyond many of us.

But developing a growth strategy, web site and marketing messages that are as effective is certainly within your reach.

What stopped Expeditors from marketing themselves more effectively earlier wasn’t lack of resource, it was lack of vision and a well-executed plan.

There is no reason why your messaging and marketing material cannot be as well conceived and every bit as effective as Expeditors.

It simply needs to:

  • Differentiate you
  • Highlight the solutions you deliver
  • Underline your vertical capability
  • Target clearly defined prospects

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