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Endorsement by association with an influencer brand can provide a new level of marketing power in an increasingly complex marketing environment, highlighting your organisation’s sometimes-hidden capabilities.

Business to business marketing has become ever more complex. Endorsement by association with an influencer brand makes life simple.

Working with the right brand delivers instant credibility – it acts as validation for you or the campaign you have chosen to run.

There are numerous ways that you can work with influencer brands. One channel is co-creation of content – for example, insights, reports or surveys that have been developed with authors of authority, often academics or renowned journalists.

Influencer brands can help you and your content reach new, bigger and better-targeted audiences, providing endorsement by association for your organisation and its messages.

A brand like Lloyd’s Loading List that knows, understands and regularly communicates with your audience, can effectively endorse you through its Global Freight awards, feature you in publicity, and ensure that the content you have created is seen by the right people.

Converting new accounts, especially larger ones, takes time, and ongoing relationships with influencer brands, for example with appropriate press releases, can help validate your brand and elevate your profile over extended periods, which may help nudge your prospects over the finishing line.

Trade awards, like the Global Freight Awards, are an effective and inexpensive way to keep your name in the public domain for a period of time, raise your profile with potential customers, and get invaluable independent endorsement. If you haven’t participated in trade awards before, now is the time to do it.

You don’t need to have run some amazing global project to win an award. A well-crafted entry will bring your strengths to life, highlighting benefits and ingenuity, so that even simple initiatives can shine. If you don’t feel confident about writing your submission, you can outsource it to experts.

Selecting the right category is important, but don’t be too narrow in your selection, as entries in several categories will multiply your chances of success. Simply being short-listed as a finalist provides plenty of publicity opportunities.

Winning a trade award offers a significant opportunity to highlight your points of innovation, commitment, and differentiation. Use case studies to bring the winning initiative to life and articulate the end benefits. Issue press releases with links to interview contacts and feature-length versions. Post updates on your social feeds, reaching out to new contacts on LinkedIn and Twitter.

Update stationery, homepage, and email signatures to incorporate the award logo, hyperlinking to more detail on your website. Provide white papers, downloads and subscription options for additional updates.

Use your CRM to transmit tailored messages to customers, prospects, suppliers and partners, with linked content as appropriate.

Put the award in your main reception and create physical assets for other offices and key locations.

Show off!

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