Launching a new product and topping Google!

The holy grail for any forwarder is uncovering a market niche that they can move into and build market share without the competitive pressures of the general freight market. So how do you build a niche product, market it and top google…..

Creating and launching your new product and topping Google!

We all know how big eCommerce has become and that it continues to grow exponentially.

Yet surprisingly, with one or two exceptions, none of the leading global or UK forwarders highlight eCommerce as a sector that they serve.

And Google(ing) “:eCommmerce logistics” returns a very dismal search result. A social media article I posted for a client last year is high-up on the first page!

Developing your niche service (in less than 200 words*)

An e-Commerce driven service is going to combine elements of logistics, freight, local delivery and returns management to give shippers end-to-end control over fulfilment,

e-Commerce customers will appreciate a seamless solution for movement of their goods from their warehouse or supplier to your DC and home delivery through a parcel network.  One invoice, one company to track their freight from end to end.

Your solution will encompass bulk multi-modal freight movements, integration with courier networks, storage, inventory management, order processing and returns management.

You will need to find providers that you can partner with and/or technology that will expedite aspects, such as delivery/courier matching and obtain LVBI authorisation from HMRC.

But there is no reason why you can’t market solutions that are tailored to meet the specific needs of each customer and are focused on reducing their order delivery times, supporting demand peak and improving customer experience by  providing:

  • Warehousing, fulfilment and pick and pack operations
  • Inventory management and reporting systems
  • Consolidation hubs for worldwide deliveries
  • Direct deliveries to mail / parcel operators
  • Express mail, parcels and pallet services
  • Global bulk freight movements
  • Bulk collection and deliveries
  • Returns management

So how do you effectively launch your new eCommerce product, position yourself as the number one choice and top google

Physical evidence – use your own (or source) images that credibly display your service components. Also look at my earlier blog on branding.

Productise – use service levels, transit times and price points differentiators for a choice of solutions

Offer – define your solutions and why they are a better choice than anything else. Distill this to an elevator pitch and then a single strapline

Publicity – Start talking to the press before you’re ready to go to market to question the lack of credible solutions. When you’re ready to go to market, but before you launch, to follow up on prior intervention and post-launch to drive more interest.

Proof – entice early adopters with offers, but tie them to helping with case studies, endorsements and referrals. (Repeat the press at this point)

Social – You cannot make too much of these channels. Share things of interest, snapchat all the time and embrace video. Get messages out BIG TIME

News – Start regular updates on your service and developments in the eCommerce sector. Share with customers, prospects and social. Build you profile as experts.

Web – Share all of the above and optimise it all for ‘eCommerce logistics’ to quickly become number One on Google

*NOTE – These guides are necessarily brief. If you have any questions, queries or would like a source for further informations click HERE to email us.

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