Lloyds Loading List collaboration

Jun 04, 2018 Paul Kelly News 0 comments

Actualis are working with Lloyds Loading List to use our combined experience to deliver a series of articles that will show forwarders how to leverage their strengths to embrace this change and become even stronger.

Lloyds Loading List is probably the most familiar title in the forwarding sector. The magazine has been a constant feature in shipping and operations departments for decades.

The advent of digital publishing led to a profound and hugely buy xanax india successful change in their business model, including the development of new channels and advertising methods.

The forwarding sector is in the midst of the same digital challenge that publishing faced a decade ago.

The first in the series looks at digitalisation, disruptors and the increasing power of the shipper.

Click HERE to see the article on Lloyds Loading List.

Click HERE to download the second article in Lloyds Loading list.

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