Making you and your customer Brexit proof

Taking the uncertainty of Brexit and turning it into something that reassures existing and attracts new customers.

It really doesn’t matter whether you’re AEO accredited or not to leverage its benefits; to help retain existing and attract new customers.

The first thing is to get on the front foot.

Prepare a summary of the AEO scheme* the impact of leaving the single market, how this will impact forwarders and ultimately what impact they might have for the customers.

You should use this information to create an update for your customers.

*If you would like an AEO briefing and a list of how it will help you post-Brexit you can click HERE to download my article (The frictionless border post-Brexit) co-written for the CILT Focus magazine.AEO-and-Brexit

If you’re already AEO accredited, or otherwise ahead of the curve. Brilliant! You should still do this 🙂

If you’re not AEO accredited, the article explains why you’re going to have to attain it, so lay out your doxycycline online price path to preparing for, applying and achieving accreditation. CLICK to download a copy.

For your customers, these updates will underline your expertise and preparation to support them post-Brexit.

Give customers a way to ask questions. This could be via your social streams, by adding comments to your web page, a dedicated email address or phone number.

Show customers how your AEO accreditation is making a difference or, if you working towards AEO, provide evidence of each milestone that you achieve on your route to accreditation.


Concerned customers. Can quickly become ex-customers. So reassure them.

By addressing these issues head-on you remove misconceptions or concerns that your customers and prospective customers may have.

If you’re prolific with your AEO and Brexit news and you optimise the relevant web pages on your, you’ll start to position yourself as an expert and opinion leader for these issues.

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