Being productive and growing your business

We’re all time-poor when it comes to marketing ourselves, so how do you find time for marketing and which activity do you prioritise?

Last week was satisfying for Actualis, because it was so productive.

We drafted from scratch and submitted a client’s response to tender for a massive piece of business which (no false modesty here) looked fantastic!

Three email campaigns were conceived, created and transmitted, generating 250 leads and a heap of social media messages were scheduled to keep our clients top of mind with their audiences.

We had a growing kids fashion brand approach a client directly to look at their global supply chain, having been recommended by a member of their ‘Inbound’ audience. So that’s working!

We also prepared a series of articles and Infographics to engage with more prospects and raise our client’s profile over coming weeks.

We completed another client’s entry for a trade award; a compelling entry that started out as a fairly mundane solution. They won last time so, if I’m honest, we do feel under pressure

And we still found time to do some networking at the London Freight Club and we’ve been asked to submit articles to some of our bigger trade press, which is pleasing, as publicity is SO effective.

The point is that marketing activity like this is fundamental to the success of your business – if you can’t attract, acquire and then keep customers you won’t achieve the growth you should.

Growing your business

So how do you make time to be as productive with your own marketing.

Well the easiest solution is to engage Actualis as your ‘virtual marketing team’ 🙂


Make marketing a priority
Without a strong commitment you’ll find yourself consistently putting it off.

Plan ahead
It’s hard to market your business when you must spend the bulk of your day dealing with urgent matters. Anticipate potential problems and do what you can to resolve them ahead of time, so you have time for your marketing initiatives.

Allocate Specific Time
Try scheduling a set time each day, or use dead time, to create some content or plan and craft other prioritised activity. I find that writing two or three blogs in one go and creating 30 or so tweets in a single sitting is really productive.

Recognise The Value
Anything you do which touches and impacts on a customer, or potential customer, is marketing.
Engaging and conversing with customers through telephone, meetings, social channels, email, and so forth is an opportunity to communicate the value that you deliver.

Plan It Out
Think about what you’re going to do and develop your message. See our Marketing Discovery page for insight

  • Deliver a remarkable overall customer experience
  • Craft a unique and compelling story
  • Tell that story through content
  • Proliferate your story socially
  • Amplify your story with paid media
  • Create a calendar to pinpoint what you’re going to deliver when

Keep It Small And Simple
Instead of creating an eBook, write a series of pieces that can be compiled into an eBook later. This will give you traction with your audience sooner and you’ll have multiple assets that you can leverage in other ways.

There’s an increasing number of tools that automate parts of the marketing process. For example, Mail Chimp is an email platform that integrates with CRM tools to pre-populate contacts when new subscribers are added. Hootsuite provides a single platform to manage all your social channels

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