Marketing misconceptions

Apr 30, 2018 Paul Kelly Blog 0 comments

It can be easy to overlook the importance of marketing and it’s too easy to withhold time or resources on something that may or may not bring in customers, when you’re after the sure thing.

Sadly, as we all know, there are only two sure things; death and taxes. But there are plenty of marketing misconceptions of which, here’s a few…………

Market to as many as possible
This is possible the most important reality to grasp.
If you try to market to everyone, you will probably end up reaching no one.
Instead of using a blunderbuss to scatter gun your offer, it is crucial that you understand and adapt your offer to a specific target audience.
By understanding their situation and needs, you can tailor your services and marketing for this specific audience, generating more engagement, interest and sales.

Produce as much content as possible
We all fall into the trap of thinking that the more content we generate the better. But less really is more when it comes to content, because your audience will very quickly disengage if you hit them relentlessly with more and more content.

Content is essentially worthless without engagement, and evidence shows that it is only engaging when you have something worth saying, as opposed to posting for the sake of it.

Social media is a simple add-on
It never fails to surprise me how many companies believe that being active on social media is sufficient to bring in business, or that posting content regularly is enough to engage the market.
Exactly like the previous point, producing irrelevant content is not effective, and may actually be a negative and discourage people from following you.
Your aim should always be to try and engage with your audience, encouraging the two-way conversation that spreads interest and engagement.
Demonstrating buy generic xanax no prescription your expertise in conversation personalises your offer and is social media at its most effectual.

Using data
The trouble with marketing is you never know what you get for your money; what works and doesn’t work.
Email platforms, google and the social media channels all provide analytics, which means that you can easily track and analyse things like conversions through google adwords or measuring web site traffic off the back of email campaigns. You can see where your efforts are successful, and where they need more work, so you can see where you need to direct your strategy next.

Using competitors
Our competitors marketing always seem to be more effective that ours.
Keep an eye on what your competitors are doing to market themselves. You can adapt what you learn from them, to see what works well and what doesn’t work so well, and keep one step ahead of the competition.

Employ an expert
If you’re looking for an easy solution, or you don’t have the time to do the marketing yourself, employing a marketer would seem to be a no-brainer. But it’s critical that you have an understanding of your marketing situation before triggering this option. You need to know that when you hire your marketer they will focus on the right areas, or it will end up as an expensive exercise, because it won’t deliver the results you need.

We’re doing OK thanks
I doubt there’s many (if any) parts of your businesses that don’t change over time and require you to adapt and that is particularly true of marketing. Which means that if you’ve been doing the same thing with your marketing for any time, it’s probably time to change, because staying ahead of the competition means being able to adapt and adjust.

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