Publicity puts you in the spotlight!

Publicity is the most effective – and FREE – way to increase awareness of your business; boosting enquiries and driving revenue.

While we are likely to be cynical towards adverts and advertorials, we still put value by independent news and editorial, which is why being featured in them is so valuable, particularly for SME forwarders.



Not only is publicity free but, if it is well targeted it is probably the most effective way to increase awareness of your business and encourage enquiries.

We work with our clients to increase their visibility in trade and client vertical press, with features like this in Forwarder magazine – click on the image to view.

We’ve won clients on the strength of a single article!

Use publicity to create awareness, raise your profile and watch revenues follow.


Choose your topics carefully; the launch of a new service or capability, a significant anniversary or a development that will affect the audience.Above all make sure it is relevant to the readership of your targeted media, or you will quickly lose the patience of the editors.

Winning an award is always newsworthy, particularly to the title promoting them, or from outside the freight sector.

Work in the community and other philanthropic activity may be suitable for coverage, but be wary of appearing cynical.

RELEASE (See below for free template)

Start your press release with an attention grabbing headline and a powerful, summarising paragraph to get attention.

Remember that the editor and/or news desk will get many press releases every day, so you will have to stand out.

Next present a short version of your item, which gives all the salient details.

If you have time it is worth following this with a more buy klonopin with no prescription lengthy piece, that a busy editor could copy and paste as the finished piece.

Provide low-resolution images, with links to high resolution copies and the contact details of personnel that are available for comment and questions.

TITLES (see below for editor contact details)

Find similar media serving your target verticals and get the editor or new desk details so you can target them too.

There are a limited number of print and digital channels serving the freight, logistics and supply chain sectors, that you should target, because many of your potential customers will use them to keep up to date too.


Any content you produce should always be broadcast on social media. It’s a great way to build and retain audiences on Twitter and LinkedIn, FaceBook too, if you’re trying to communicate the culture of your business.


Not all publicity is good.

If at all possible deal with bad publicity directly, but first seek legal advice, if your are in any doubt about your position.

Remember that one negative story is all it can take to undo all your hard work.

Gather all the facts (forearmed etc) and respond directly with a statement of your findings.

Offer as full an apology as your legal team will allow and outline the steps that are being taken to avoid any repetition.


While publicity is a great way to build profile, none of us are interesting enough to keep the editors hungry for ever more press releases.

So be a commentator…………

Let editors know that you will ‘go on the record’ when they need comment on trading stories. So few people are prepared to stick their head above the parapet these days, you’ll find that you’re in some demand!
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