SEKO Logistics highlight the power of ‘Social’

Freight forwarders understand they need to do something ‘Social’ but unlike SEKO Logistics are uncertain where to start.

SEKO Logistics EMEA VP recently stated in The Loadstar that the days of “sales reps knocking on the door with a rate card” had gone and that customers now find SEKO because they “simply knew from our social media” that SEKO had the right solution for them.

While it’s certainly true that the way buyers engage with your sales team has changed and new generations are more comfortable engaging solely through digital channels, the fact remains that you need to be able to present your differentiated benefits to prospects and the sales function is still critical in closing any significant deal.

Effectively employing social and other free channels to broadcast your positive messages (definitely NOT sales) will amplify your voice and engage future customers.

CASE STUDY: accutane Last month Actualis presented one clients brand and message over 80k times. Free activity that generated over 1k positive actions, responses and a £0.5M enquiry

Check out our  Lead generation channels graphic to see the activity that you could be using to communicate like SEKO (it’s everything to the right).

Lead generation channels

Lead generation channels

Social Media Marketing – Building engagement on established platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn as well as targeted industry platforms

Search Engine Optimisation – Generating organic search engine traffic to specific sites and pages

Online media – Pay-per-click platforms, social networks, display ads and retargeting

Content Marketing – Publishing, optimising and sharing engaging content that draws search traffic

Email Marketing – Targeted and automated email campaigns based on conversion actions, links and subscribers

Valued content – Webinars, demonstrations, white papers or reports aimed at mining, generating, nurturing and converting leads

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