Winning market share

Forwarders are expecting Asian air and ocean freight volumes to surge in the coming months. So how do you win market share in a volatile market.

If acquisition and innovation are not options the next easiest thing to do is to respond to enquiries fast! Check out how fast your competitors respond, and then be faster. Your potential and existing customers will take notice.

Lowest price may still be an effective way to win market share, which is fine if you can live with the smaller margins, but at the moment guaranteeing service is arguably more important than price and you still face the challenge of getting the message to your prospects.

Communication’s the key here: both for protecting existing relationships and attracting new customers.

In the absence of broadcast messaging like advertising, you’re reliant on online and email to get your message to prospects and customers.

So there’s three things to consider.

1. Channel
2. Audience
3. Message

This is not a quick-win strategy to win market share, but it will reassure existing customers immediately that ‘you have your finger on the pulse’. As your activity and reach grows we have systems that will automatically alert your sales team to leads and new business opportunities.

1. Channel
Start with the web site and create or get ready to update a news area.
You should be sharing web updates on your social channels – in particular Twitter, LinkedIn, Google Plus.
Free tools like Hootsuite simplify this task by scheduling and sending messages automatically.
Use your CRM to send eShots to your contact database.
If you don’t have an email platform order accutane online there are plenty of free tools like Mailchimp available on-line.
Avoid using your own email server, as too many spam reports may result in your IP been blacklisted.

2. Audience
Building and retaining your audience is essential for driving your brand awareness, generating leads and customer retention.
Building an online brand can take years, though we have seen new web sites achieve 1K+ visitors within months when supported by effective SEO and social ad campaigns. These are relatively cheap and will typically generate a new audience member for £1, which is good value given the effective targeting that is now possible.
There are other methods for quickly building large audiences, which can be precisely targeted and are extremely effective for generating new, new, business opportunities. (I cannot go into details here, so contact me directly if you’d like to know more.)

3. Message
I’m not advocating sales or marketing messages because keeping customers informed is best practice, counters messages from competitors and positions you as industry experts.
Becoming an industry expert and a trusted source means regularly providing content that’s unique, topical and informative. If your content is sales oriented or relevant to your customers or website visitors, it’s going to fall flat.
It is critical that your news is well-written and grammatically correct. Look internally you’re sure to have a budding copy-writer somewhere. Or at least someone with an English GCE who can edit your drafts.Consider contributing to the trade press and news portals, to extend your reach to a new audience, further establishing you as an expert.

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