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Paul has contributed to the success of the business for almost two decades, successfully raising our profile and embedding marketing xanax no prescription as a cost-effective, efficient discipline.

Allport Cargo Services

    1. What is your priority

    Get more leadsConvert more prospectsIncrease customer valueNot compete on priceLaunch new serviceEnter new markets

    2. How well do you know your market. Do you:

    Monitor competitor activityMaintain information on customersKeep up to date information about your marketsRegularly explore new opportunitiesOperate a CRM systemUse all this information as a base for planning activities

    3. How do you operate in your markets. Do you:

    Operate in a different marketsIdentify the characteristics that define your marketsKnow why you are competitive in each marketHave a balance of sales in new and existing marketsExplored all possible routes to each marketDevelop market entry strategies for new markets

    4. How well do you know your customers. Do you:

    Know the value of each customer by serviceMonitor customer churnUnderstand your customers' buying processMaintain relationships with whole decision making teamGet customer feedback on service quality and future needsDo you get 80% profit from 20% of your clients (if not 80/20 what is the balance)

    5. Define your services. Do you:

    Know your most profitable serviceHave a development plan for this servicePlan to launch new servicesDifferentiate your serviceIdentify opportunities to add valueBenchmark service levels

    6. Current marketing activity. Do you:

    Win sufficient tendersHave hard/soft company profileFeature in trade/market news channelsOperate continuous communications with your marketsMaintain a content rich web siteKnow which activity has worked and not worked

    7. Planning. Do you:

    Set sales/profit targets for each service and marketHave plans to increase customer valuePlan to be the lowest cost providerCompete, or plan to compete in niche marketsSet an annual marketing budgetHave dedicated marketing resources

    8. Your sales growth

    Share your annual sales change as a % and we will include a benchmark review in your report. For better accuracy you can report up to five years. Please include the year being reported.

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