Marketing Automation

Paul Kelly, the founder of Actualis Design & Marketing, has more than 20 years’ experience supporting business growth in the freight, supply chain and logistics sectors. He is chair of the CILT’s Freight Forwarding Forum, and is committed to raising the sector’s profile by promoting the professionalism of forwarders

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Lead nurturing software, to track and develop your opportunities.

We help our clients prosper by re-engineering the way they create quality sales leads. We understand the unique characteristics of customers in freight and logistics, and we have the strategic and creative experience to produce measurable results quickly.

When your prospects are looking on line, their needs may be pretty specific and urgent. They are likely to be aware of potential suppliers, but how do you make it to the list when they’re ready to make a change. They want potential partners that send the right signals; partners that are dedicated to sharing their knowledge and are ready to engage with them.

With our marketing automation solutions on your side, we ensure they’ll turn to you, by creating and delivering content that’s relevant and memorable, at the right time.

We’ve dismissed the old philosophy of dropping leads into a big open mouth funnel. Instead, we nurture leads straight down the pipe to your sales team.

98% of your website visitors remain anonymous. Our marketing automation tools help you identify the individuals visiting your site, and what they are doing. It tracks customers even before you know their name. It connects the dots and see’s where they’ve been, to send them dynamic content or targeted emails based on their interests.

It streamlines, automates, and measures marketing tasks and workflows, so that they increase your operational efficiency and help you grow revenue faster.

Marketing automation tools provide powerful metrics to show you the end-to-end return on investment and share key information with your team including:

  • Hot leads and pipeline development
  • Email and campaign tracking
  • Behaviour tracking
  • Workflow analytics design
  • After click email tracking
  • Form insights