Google Maps

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The Trend of Google Map is Here

Now its easy to locate your location with our google maps element , lets see some of the possible ways to display the google maps

Total Responsive

Easy to Use

Full Support

JSON Style

Super Fast Setup

At the time you have setup the google map element, you can directly assemble you map not more than a minute.
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    Style Attention

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    Engage Users

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    Easy Start

Multiple Map Type

There are multiple map type option that enable you to select the desired map type through which you can gain an attractive map display.
  • Imagine

  • Inspire

  • Organize

  • Design

Custom Map Settings

There are lots of option to change the layout of the map, like height, width, longitudinal dimension, latitudinal dimension.
  • Responsive

  • Json Style

  • Custom Style

  • Custom Marker

JSON Styling

This feature ultram online us pharmacy enable you to apply desired colors to the map areas such as land , sea, highways, etc.
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    Json Style

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    Custom Style

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    Custom Marker

Full Responsive in Nature

This feature enable you to apply desired colors to the map areas such as land , sea, highways, etc.

Map Types

There are multiple map types , you can choose any of them according to your need.





Zoom Level

There are lot’s of zoom level you can try.

Map zoom-10

Map zoom-13

Map zoom-16

Map zoom-18

Full Width Map Option

Full width map can also be an great idea to describe any location.

Custom Google Map Marker

Custom map marker enables you to upload your desired marker points into the maps.