Sep 10, 2020 branding, digital, exhibitions


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Above: Unsworth re-brand
Unsworth were using UGL with a globe graphic for their brand and wanted to update to something more contemporary and memorable. We decided to use their full name Unsworth to give a more friendly and approachable vibe and thus employed all lower case. The graphic is interlocking elements emirate the right fit and harmony.

Unsworth also have sub-brands – Amazon FBA, Pathway, Automotive and Cargo Cost. Their new logo has been incorporated with the straplines.

Above: Unsworth website
Incorporating the Unsworth new branding, look and feel, we design and developed a new website, with offshoot sites for cargo, and

Fulfilling the client brief we produced a modern, clean, user-friendly site with quote and chat bot tech.

Above: Unsworth exhibition pop-ups
We produced a series of pop-ups focusing on Unsworth’s key services. Here a generic and one for their Amazon FBA product.