How to profit from your added value

Global supply chains have never been under such pressure and the problems you help shippers overcome and the value-added expertise you provide have never been so valuable, which is why you should benefit from their value too.

The added-value services that you provide, set you apart from your competitors and create a ‘sticky’ offering that retains clients.

Customers welcome your teams expertise in resolving their problems and value the information that you provide to aid their decision making, especially as it’s given without a fee.

It may be free of charge, but you can still squeeze value from these transactions.

The fact is that it is those added-value instances: the multi-origin consolidation programme you set up; the insurance and L/C advice you provide; the critical shipments you expedited; and all the other things you to safeguard your clients, are exactly what will attract new ones.

Start by making a list of anything your team does that fall outside the standard transaction.

Consider all your customers, big and small and go back in time too. Just because you did something six months ago, doesn’t mean you can’t talk about it.

Write up a synopsis for each and decide how far you can promote them.

Good copywriting is critical if you are to extract maximum value, so outsource if you’re not confident.

Testimonials – Recipients of value-add will say nice things about you, so go and get the quotes and put them in your marketing material.

Case studies – If you’re delivering a significant benefit, it warrants further detail, to outline all the good stuff that you’re doing.

News – Now that you’ve started talking about all the things you do for your customers, get topical and report it when it happens

Social – Value add is perfect for communicating on Twitter and LinkedIn. Publish a post on LinkedIn to reach an even wider audience.

New service – Can you productise any of the added-value solutions. It doesn’t have to be a chargeable item to be marketed on your web site and to potential customers.

Target – Offer the service to similar prospective customers. This value-add may be exactly what’s required to tempt them.

Trade awards – If you do nothing else you MUST use these nuggets as the basis for award entries.

You will definitely have award material.

The three added-value examples provided above, all formed the basis for award winning entries!

Get short-listed and the awards will generate lots of free publicity, highlighting the value you add. What could be better.

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