Jun 28, 2023 Paul Kelly 0 comments
Accelerate your growth

You know that new customers rarely come knocking, which is why you have invested in branding and your web site. There are another 30+ promotional activity categories and over 60% of them can be be implemented for little or no investment.

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Jun 14, 2023 Paul Kelly 0 comments
Map your journey to success

Breaking down silos; Delivering a consistent customer experience.

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Apr 20, 2023 Paul Kelly 0 comments
Do you really need a marketing plan?

Chances are you don’t have a marketing plan. In fact, unless you’re a large business, or seeking additional finance, you’re unlikely to have any business plan.

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Mar 29, 2023 Paul Kelly 0 comments
Singing your praises

Winning a trade award is not the time to be coy or secretive. Ask our customers – we’ve helped them win many awards.

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Mar 02, 2023 Paul Kelly 0 comments
Price war armour in a downturn

How do you protect your margins when the market is in a downturn and so many competitors are fighting for a larger share of a shrinking cake?

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Feb 07, 2023 Paul Kelly 0 comments
They won’t listen to you

I don’t know you and I certainly don’t want to upset you, but. There’s no easy way of putting this. No one cares what you say.

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Jan 27, 2023 Paul Kelly 0 comments
Importance of marketing strategy

Marketing strategy is far more important than marketing activity Yet doing stuff – eShots, trade shows, ads etc – is what tends to happen first

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Dec 04, 2022 Paul Kelly 0 comments
Why We Love Values (And You Should, Too!)

Branding is the fastest way to communicate who you are and what you offer. Your brand represents a promise. One that should be linked to your values and equally well understood.

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Sep 02, 2022 Paul Kelly 0 comments
You’ll never compete on price again

How often do you find it difficult to get satisfactory service? Outsourced call centres, automated phone systems, customer service teams working off scripts or a total lack of contact details for on-line providers do not make for a great customer experience.

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May 28, 2022 Paul Kelly 0 comments
Your ultimate press kit

A press kit (also called a media kit) is a résumé of you, your business and your services, designed to inform and create interest in the reader.

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