The personal pitch is the ANSWER

Nov 09, 2023 Paul Kelly Sales 0 comments

Many experts are pronouncing the demise of the elevator pitch in the digital and networking age. I think they’re right, but not for the reasons they put forward.

We’re all familiar with sales and elevator pitches.

The former will typically be in a formal presentation, while the latter is meant to be a brief and memorable pitch to a busy executive in a confined space.

There are plenty of sages out there pronouncing the demise of the elevator pitch in the digital and networking age.

They suggest that a scripted pitch has no place on social media and a rehearsed pitch is quickly going to sound stale and impersonal at networking events.

While the notional ‘elevator’ may be obsolete, the need for an informal pitch that can adapt to differing circumstance is as relevant today, as it always was.

In fact you and all your colleagues should be prepared and ready to explain what your company does, and the value of its product or service, at every opportunity.

Which is why one of the first things business owners should do, is ensure their team totally nail their own ‘Personal Pitch’.

The key with this pitch is that it is personal, casual and adapted to be relevant to the listener.

Practise is the key. The better you know the pitch, the more natural you can me it sound

It also needs to be short. No more than 60 seconds, or 200 words: a verbal executive summary.

Your initial draft can be as large as you like. You’ll find it’s fairly easy to edit down to 200 words and all the work you’re doing can be used in other media.

You will also find that this production process is invaluable, for identifying all the ways that you add value for your customers.

It is these instances of added value that you will use to create variations of your ‘personal pitch’.

Another exercise that is definitely worth trying; is to distil your finished pitch down even further, to create a sentence pitch. Invaluable if you’re asked “what you do” and only have a few seconds to make an impression.

Why not try reducing even further, to a subject line. Perfect for introductions and follow-up emails.

Keep in mind, as you work on your order klonopin no prescription pitch, that the recipient is going to be naturally guarded, thinking throughout. “What’s in this for me?”

Put yourself in the listeners position and consider how you can counter potential negatives including:
“Can you prove that”
“Is that true”
“So what”

Avoid exaggeration and irrelevance. Keep the pitch focused on the recipients needs and back up claims with data or financials to defuse doubt.

Your personal pitch consists of five parts, which together comprise the ANSWER

Attention – Start by capturing attention; a hook with something compelling
Need – Link a need with the hook
Solution – Underline the value of your solution
Wow – Show how your solution is unique. Your offer must stand apart
Evidence – Data adds two critical things to your pitch: It says a lot in very few words, and it gives you credibility. If you can’t find appropriate data, find an example that the listener can relate to
Repeat – Now is the time to act and arrange the next meeting

At the risk of inviting scorn, here’s my ‘personal pitch

A “The freight, supply chain and logistics markets are mature, leading customers to differentiate on price, which has been driving down margins for years.”

N “Effective marketing mitigates the effects of mature markets, but SMEs have limited marketing resources, undermining their efforts to grow their business and improve margins.”

S “After 20 years in marketing, 16 of which were in freight forwarding, I launched Actualis Marketing to provide the 800 SME freight forwarders, supply chain and logistics companies operating in London and the South East access to flexible marketing outsourcing and consultancy services, that match their resource and growth needs.”

W “Extensive research shows that Actualis are the only independent marketing consultancy dedicated to the freight sector.”

E “We maintain a broad range of senior industry, trade association and press contacts, across 60 channels, that we leverage for our customers benefit.

Actualis clients receive impartial guidance and advice and, in every instance, a choice of recommendations that will deliver the outcomes they define.

Which means that they can select the options which best meet their goals and budgets.”

R “It would be interesting to learn about your own growth ambitions. What’s best for you; telephone or shall I drop by your office next week?”

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