Air Cargo Week interview client

Not only is publicity free, but it is arguably the most effective way to build your profile, credibility and value, which is why Actualis seek positive press coverage opportunities, like this ACW profile on Steve Walker, the CEO of SWG Global.

Increased exposure in print and digital media makes people want to find out more about you, your company and your solutions.

When you are quoted by the media, your opinion puts your name, and your company’s name, in the spotlight, which posiitons you as an expert, enhancing your reputation and building credibility with clients and potential clients.

Steve Walker is a former director of the $10 billion turnover logistics specialist DSV and founder of SBS Worldwide, the internationally award-winning forwarding and global transportation group.

Steve founded SWG Global, to deliver a suite of customised solutions, that help shippers and forwarders correct the past, control the present and look into the future.

This interview with ACW’s editor James Graham showcases Steve’s extensive experience, industry knowledge and his uniquely innovative approach to emerging technology and digitalisation.

Click HERE to download the story and click HERE to view the Air Cargo Week edition

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