Unsworth rebrand featured by ACW

If you’ve been thinking about refreshing your branding, or wondered if there’s any need to change the way you look. This feature by Air Cargo Week, on our recent work with Unsworth Global Logistics, makes very clear how critical effective branding is to your future success.

Freight forwarders, like many in B2B, can be guilty of holding on to their branding far too long, persisting with a look and feel that was established years past, that employees never get passionate about, or simply disengage from.

It is very tempting, especially for established businesses, to assume that their brand will automatically be interesting to prospective customers, but perceptions and tastes are constantly evolving, meaning that what was once effective, may start to feel dated and out of touch.

Rebranding is a simple and effective way to reposition and renergise your business, highlighting a new direction and showcasing capability.

Launched correctly it will motivate and refocuse your team, while engaging with customers and prospective customers in a far more dynamic way.

A big pile of benefits, for relatively little effort and investment.

The biggest requirement is a desire for evolution and moving the business forward https://www.gatewayanalytical.com/buy-synthroid/.

Click HERE to download the story and click HERE to view the Air Cargo Week edition

For the complete experience visit the new Unsworth site

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