New Loadstar media pack

We are happy and excited to welcome Nick Marsh (former publisher of Lloyds Loading List) to his new role as Managing Director at The Loadstar, and very pleased to have produced Nick’s new Loadstar media pack.

Nick’s new role is all about driving revenue growth across The Loadstar’s Premium subscription service and its marketing services business by aligning its tech, sales and marketing capabilities with its world-class journalism to deliver an outstanding customer experience – as outlined in his new Loadstar media pack.

The new Loadstar media pack

The new Loadstar media pack

From zero to 1.3 million readers in just 6 years, The Loadstar’s readership surpasses titles that have spent decades building their audiences, and is a massive marketing opportunity

If you would like to find out how The Loadstar’s marketing services can deliver sales and loyalty from the world’s forwarders and shippers, or how The Loadstar’s Premium subscription service can help your organisation make better investment and business decisions, check out their new media pack, or contact Nick Marsh directly at or +44 (0)7541 370812

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