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You know that new customers rarely come knocking, which is why you have invested in branding and your web site. There are another 30+ promotional activity categories and over 60% of them can be be implemented for little or no investment.

You are actively promoting and selling your business, which is why you’ve survived so many ‘Black Swan’ events and why you’re now ready to accelerate your business’ growth.

The good news it that there are actually another 30+  promotional activity categories and over 60% of them can be be implemented for little or no investment.

So there are still plenty of tools that you could use to further increase the number of new enquiries and sales opportunities.

Businesses that grow consistently will be rotating activity from at least half of the promotional category mix; testing and replacing stuff which does not deliver results.

If you don’t have an internal marketing resource, it will probably be more cost-effective to outsource, rather than distract senior executives away from their primary responsibilities.

Good content is the most valuable commodity for marketing your business today, as it can be adapted to support activity in so many categories (See 3, 4, 5, 6, 9, 12, 14, 21, 23, 28, 31, 32, 33)

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Bold categories can be implemented FOC, while italicised may require a modest investment.

1. Advertising
Aim to negotiate 30-60% discounts off rate-card

2. Alliance Marketing Partners
Joint activity with a non-competing partner – i.e. Factoring house
3. Podcast
Mobile users increasingly like to listen to content

4. Authorship
Write linked blog articles and publish as an eBook

5. Awards
Showcase the added value and benefits your customers

6. Case studies
Showcase the added value and benefits your customers

7. Channel marketing (i.e. partners, distributors)
Reciprocal marketing activity

8. Cold-calling
You can’t beat it for opening new doors

9. Content marketing
Be the thought-leader to punch above your weight

10. Corporate identity (i.e. logo, branding)
Refreshing your brand can be the most powerful change

11. Customers (i.e. customer forums)
Listen to your customers and use them for a range of effective free marketing

12. Direct mail
Very effective again

13. Display
Web advertising may be worthwhile – BUT only if you have a good call to action and landing page

14. Email marketing
Content is key. We filter out anything not deemed to be immediately relevant

15. Events
Exhibiting where potential clients exhibit is very effective

16. Livery
Critical you pay attention to your moving billboards

17. Location marketing (i.e. signage)
Make the best possible impression

18. Media relations
Get to know editors and key journalists

19. Networking
Local, trade, professional and other groups that your clients will attend

20. Physical evidence
Think of anything not covered by other categories – i.e.uniforms, receptions

21. Printed matter
Maintain consistency and brevity

22. Promotional gifts
Focus on items that have longevity and are genuinely useful

23. Publicity
Rarely are you the story. Encourage customers to participate for maximum value

24. Referrals
Ask for recommendations amd testimonials

25. Sales promotion (i.e. competitions)
Keep them lighthearted and think about links to charity, events, sports occasions

26. Search Engine Optimisation
Drive traffic to your site and snipe your competitors

27. Selling (account management)
Integrate sales activity with marketing activity

28. Social media
Use your content to support ‘little and often’

29. Sponsorship
Explore opportunities to get your name in front of prospective customers

30. Telemarketing
Useful to follow-up activity with a courtesy call

31. Video
Invest in a tripod, directional mic and some lights. You’re ready to get those vox pops

32. Web
You need a site built using open source software, with full content management

33. White paper
An authoritative report or guide that helps readers make a decision

34. Word of mouth
Host your own events to introduce existing and potential customers

All activity requires the commitment of time and expertise.

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