They won’t listen to you

I don’t know you and I certainly don’t want to upset you, but.

There’s no easy way of putting this.

No one cares what you say.

To be precise. They don’t want to listen to you talking about your products or services.

What they do want to hear are your customers talking about the solutions you provide them.

They’re interested in the problems it solves, the pain it eases the support it provides.

Of course product attributes and features are important, but what really brings them to life are the benefits they provide to your customers.

To identify the true benefits, start with feedback from your customers.

Encourage them to be open and forthcoming on their service experience.

The less you lead, the more revealing the responses will be.

Use this information to transform your messages.

Using your customers as advocates, means that audiences will attach much more credibility to their words.

Build powerful case studies and testimonials. Share content on social media and encourage customers to post reviews, or ratings with on-line platforms like feefo.

Provide opportunities for clients to provide continuous feedback, through inclusion in all face2face meetings and the deployment of on-line tools, accessed via web sites and email signature links.

Think about setting up a focus group of customers that will be open to new ideas and will not shy away from giving you candid feedback

The longer term benefits of generating this type of feedback moves beyond simply enhancing your communications, providing a point of differentiation.

Community – Customers are comfortable with your brand and voicing their opinions with you and other customers

Candour — Allow for opinions both positive and negative. You will be surprised how your community will rally to support you

Knowledge — Greater understanding of your customer and their needs, will enhance your ability to meet them and yield positive reviews

Make the customer the hero of your brand – Leveraging customer feedback

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