Free Marketing Ideas – Part 3

The 3rd and final post in this series considers six more ways to generate free marketing activity.

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Award submission – Trade awards are usually free to enter and generate a lot of free publicity among your target markets. The award ceremonies often provide networking opportunities and are an occasion to recognise loyal customers or reward staff with an invitation. A well crafted entry will bring to life even the most mundane of projects. There’s always something that warrants an entry, so have a go. Simply being short-listed provides plenty.

eMail signatures – These provide a great opportunity to ‘brand’ your external communications, and encourage recipients to engage with your web and social channels. You could also add brief information about a product or offers.

Press releases – Publicity is one of the most powerful methods of raising your profile and positioning you as industry experts. If you haven’t done so you should create a list of digital and print media, together with editor contact details. Pull together some background information about yourself and your valtrex business, ready to send out to any journalists. Have a ‘press’ section on your website where media can easily find out more about you and contact you.

Working with others – Can you partner with a supplier or another participant in your sector, to initiate joint activity. For example sharing prospect information, making introductions, or creating a combined offering.

Networking – When social-distancing finally lifts, there will be a massive upsurge in business gatherings, so research trade, professional and local networking events. Ask around and book onto the ones that have the most promise. If you’re a confident speaker, you’ll find most networking groups will welcome new speakers. If not, sponsoring events is typically inexpensive and can be an effective alternative to raise your profile with the group.

Teach your expertise – Work with local learning centres, or organise some talks, classes or workshops based on your own expertise.You’ll find business schools and Univserities will usually welcome the opportunity to engage with local businesses, offering great publicity.

Of the 17 suggestions that have been featured in these posts, some will work better than others and some may have no impact at all. Try them and find the ones that work best for you.

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