Increasing customer loyalty and generating revenue

Developed and finessed over 15 years, Integro360 is the ultimate parcel, courier and inventory management solution. Truly simple and incredibly effective, it is a white-label platform that could be your new marketing opportunity and revenue stream.

If you want to increase loyalty by adding value for existing customers, or start talking to more prospective customers, you need to check out Integro360.

Not every shipper has regular air, road or sea movements, but you can almost guarantee they will have express and courier requirements, particularly if they have an online sales channel.

Integro 360 is a white-label product that can be used independently, or integrated with your WMS, to provide everything you need to create and market your own courier product.

Your Integro360 solution automates courier rate, booking, labelling and invoicing functions and provides immediate access to a wide selection of carriers, at discounted rates.

Solutions work independently, integrate with 3rd party applications, or combine seamlessly to provide the ultimate eCommerce supply chain solution, across 30 of the most important sales platforms. 

With full project management, from scoping to full implementation, it has never been easier to add a new service and revenue stream.

  • Real-time inventory view to SKU level
  • Fully digitised and legacy options supported
  • Checkout triggered order pick and despatch
  • Picklist generated and inventory updated
  • Optimised courier selection and labels printed
  • Transfer data to carriers automatically
  • Track & trace links for your customers
  • Returns process link in email order confirmation
  • Monitor returns in process
  • Swift return product check and scanned to retail stock 

Integro360 operates in the cloud – software as a service – and is entirely flexible to your customer’s situation and needs. It can be configured to their unique specifications in minutes, whether they have a few or many shipments.

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