Your ultimate press kit

A press kit (also called a media kit) is a résumé of you, your business and your services, designed to inform and create interest in the reader.

It provides journalists with background information, images and answers to potential questions.

The kit should be factual, accurate and current. It would not normally incorporate promotional literature.

Journalists and particularly editors are time-starved, which means they are likely to give your press-kit scant attention, so keep it simple and focused.

After the first three items you could cherry-pic the other items for your press kit contents:

1. Covering letter
Open with your elevator pitch and provide an outline of pack contents.
List and provide contact details for personnel available for comment or interview.
It is not unusual to filter requests for comment through a designated press officer.

2. Company profile
History, profile and status of the business. Background, mini-CV and notable info (i.e. awards, achievements) on leadership team., senior management and ownership. Include bio sheets, if appropriate

3. Press release
Your press release should contain a factual title – not a pithy headline.
Provide a short summary. Editors will appreciate a synopsis of your release. Make sure that you highlight all the potential points of interest.
Do not write elaborate copy, or use hyperboles. Concentrate on facts in the release text and try to get credible quotes to back up claims.
Some media channels may reproduce releases intact, so you could include a complete ‘article’ versions, if this is a possibility.

4. Services
Product or service fact sheets.
Additional info should be provided to support new products, explaining the rationale behind them and their expected outcomes.
Benchmarking data, customer feedback or independent review will be particularly welcomed.

5. Press coverage
If available, copies of recent press coverage may be appropriate

6. FAQ
Include a list of frequently asked questions. Think carefully about what questions are included and adapt them as required, as these may help the editor determine what questions to ask you in an interview or what to include in any article.

7. Other items you might include:

  • Community involvement
  • Any recent awards
  • Photos of quoted personnel and other relevant images
  • Academic and/or white papers
  • Related industry statistics
  • Branding/logo files

Includes items 1 -7 for the ultimate press kit and maximise your press coverage!

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