Clients celebrate double BIFA success

The British International Freight Association (BIFA) annual Freight Service Awards were held yesterday with Brunel Air Cargo in the Extra mile category and Noatum Logistics triumphant in the ‘Air Cargo Services’ category.

Award success depends on two things; a good story and a good submission.

Years of continuing success and multiple client wins, across many different awards, is positive proof that Actualis are expert at teasing out the most critical aspects of any story, to create the compelling submission, that engage and impress judges.

The award-winning Noatum Logistics entry detailed how they took the innovative step of creating an overnight, dedicated and definite air charter (Priority) service, operating nightly between the UK, Ireland Europe.

We highlighted the need for an effective priority solution to Ireland for an agricultural client, and detailed how Noatum Logistics created an overnight, dedicated and definite air charter (Priority) service, operating nightly from Birmingham airport.

We demonstrated how the Priority service is suitable for all time definite shipments, in particular critical part replacement for agricultural machinery, aircraft-on-ground AOG and consignments that need a guaranteed service including heavy and oversized cargo, high-value products, pharmaceuticals and dangerous goods.

To provide proof of its success we detailed how, within a year of launching, the Priority service has added more agricultural and automotive machinery manufacturers, requiring the addition of a second aircraft (BAE ATP) to serve destinations in the Channels Islands, every night.

The judges commented. “The success of this just-in-time service has allowed Noatum to expand into new markets and stand out from the competition.”

The Brunel entry detailed management of a bespoke furniture project worth £3 million, which was transported and installed on the 64th floor of the Western Hemisphere’s tallest residential sky scraper in Park Avenue, Manhattan; on-time, on-budget and in pristine condition.

To demonstrate the value-added we explained how Brunel took responsibility for preparing each piece for transport, planning secure international transport, arranging delivery to the New York apartment and safely positioning at the point of use, on the 64th floor, within one week.

We outlined the project planning, that extended over three months, involving a huge range of participants – we identified 8 groups – who all required individual briefing and control.

Starting with packing, we detailed each step of the process, which was picked up by the judges.

“Brunel Air Cargo Services, through detailed planning, anticipating and reacting to the various challenges encountered during the project, went the extra mile to insulate their customer from any of the pain ( The shipment, consisting of bespoke hand-crafted furniture to be delivered to the 64th floor of a Manhattan skyscraper, had to be split over two charters to meet insurance requirements. At the planning stage all access points, doorways and lifts were carefully measured to ensure clearance of crates. At the same time Brunel Air Cargo Services have used the experience to grow the business into a new market.”

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