Forwarders must combat carrier ‘data cartels’ to survive

Jan 07, 2020 Paul Kelly Blog 0 comments

This thought-leadership feature co-authored with forwarding guru Steve Walker has been published in the print edition of the Journal of Commerce Annual Review and Outlook 2020, on the JOC web site and featured in their global eBulletins.

The feature forms part of an extensive publicity and social media campaign, on behalf of forwarding guru, Steve Walker, to highlight the value of data under forwarder control and the critical role that FIATA should play in protecting the global industry’s digital future.

Steve has subsequently had meetings with FIATA’s DG and is discussing future digital strategy.

“The Oblivion Paradox” was the article’s original title. And while it’s very dramatic, the JOC editor’s revised title “Forwarders must combat carrier ‘data cartels’ to survive” is more effective. Shame 🙁

Click HERE to download the article

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